Support Packages for Trusts and Hospitals

Our hospitals programme offers a range of support for NHS trusts from network membership to targeted workshops, and a range of support packages.

All are designed to help you create a better food experience and support a health-promoting environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Our main packages of support are listed below. We also offer bespoke consultancy, so if you can't see what you are looking for please get in touch.

Food for Life Hospitals Network

By joining the Food for Life Hospitals Network, you will:

  • Receive two annual invitations to Food for Life Hospital Seminars for three attendees:  Food for Life Hospital Seminars bring together expert speakers and trusts in the Food for Life Hospital Network to support learning and to share innovation and best practice and progress with other trusts. 
  • Improve visibility for trust achievements: Joining the Food for Life Hospitals Network will provide opportunities for you to raise the profile of your trust through Food for Life's communications, public profile and platform for disseminating information, including online and at national events and conferences. This includes two tickets to Food for Life's National Conference, which will focus on multiple settings and sectors.
  • Receive the Food for Life Hospitals Network e-bulletin for unlimited staff members: The e-bulletin, produced three times a year, gives updates on changes in policy, highlights good practice across the sector and raises awareness of the work of trusts working with Food for Life.
  • Access policy briefings throughout the year, circulated in response to policy changes.

Joining the Food for Life Hospitals Network has an annual fee of £250 per NHS Trust.

Food for Life Reducing Food Waste Workshop

Your workshop includes: 

  • Workshop for multi-disciplinary teams supporting you to understand the impact and causes of food waste, the scale of food waste in the trust, and exploring ways to monitor and minimise waste.
  • On –site ward level food waste audit led by Food for Life expert, teaching new waste auditing methods.
  • Bespoke report on food waste, with feedback from the audit and recommendations.
  • Follow up meeting to support the team once they have begun to put changes in place.

Please get in touch for pricing information. 

Food for Life Food and Drink Strategy Support Package

We will review, including bench marking and creating an associated report of the food at your Trust against national best practice and the NHS England Food and Drink Strategy requirements. The report will include:

  1. Addressing the nutrition and hydration needs of patients
  2. Delivering healthier eating for the whole hospital community, especially staff
  3. Embedding sustainability, including sustainable procurement into food & catering services
  4. Delivering high quality food and drink that people enjoy

The package also includes:

  • A multi-disciplinary workshop for key senior staff: An introduction to the FFL Hospitals Leaders approach and developing your strategic vision for food.
  • Next steps resources: Including a bespoke poster, report and action plan templates.
  • Two progress review meetings: Including facilitation support and expert input from a Food for Life expert at multi-disciplinary meetings to review your progress and refine next steps.

Please get in touch for pricing information. 

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Food for Life Catering Mark Support

  • A Food for Life Catering Mark introduction session for key people and key members of the team.
  • A tailored benchmarking session: An audit of where you are now and the changes you need to make.
  • A Food for Life Catering Mark Action plan: Outlining the next steps you need to take to achieve Food for Life Catering Mark accreditation.
  • Catering Mark training for up to 20 staff: Improving staff engagement and communication skills.
  • A progress review before your final application or inspection.
  • Marketing and press support once you have achieved accreditation.

Please get in touch for pricing information. 

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Food for Life Hospitals Support Package

A combined support package of all of the products above.

Interested? We'd love to speak to you, please contact us on 0117 314 5180  or email

"If the NHS is to properly promote health as well as deal with ill-health, then it must look to the food it provides. "Hospital Food Standards Panel Report, 2014


To find out more about any of our products or to sign up, please contact:

Adrian Roper - Development Manager

Adrian Roper
Call: 07920 231 280


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"Thanks to Food for Life for being great partners in our drive to make good food our strongest medicine"Glen Burley (Chief Executive - South Warks NHS Foundation Trust)