Schools Awards Package

If you want to show the wider world that you're doing fantastic work with your school food and food education, our Awards Package gives you all the support and resources you need to apply for and achieve your Food for Life award.

What it includes:

  • Welcome pack including a comprehensive range of printed resources
  • Online access to our full range of resources
  • Welcome call to ensure you get off to the best possible start
  • Access to our online seminars given by our school awards team
  • Display certificate and invitation to award ceremonies
  • Exclusive online access to Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project resources

  • Personalised membership of our online community, including your own blog to share your achievements
  • Full access to our online application system, including supportive feedback on your submissions from our specialist team
  • Supportive on-site visit from an FFL expert every two or three years depending on your catering arrangements

Awards Package subscription fees:

Our awards package subscription fees are structured to reflect the support your school will need to achieve an award. If you have already subscribed to our Membership Package this will be deducted from your Awards Package subscription.

For more information, please see below or get in touch with a member of our team.

Schools with an external caterer

Where your local authority or private catering company manages your school kitchen or delivers hot meals to the school.

Three year subscription

The Awards Package cost for externally catered schools reflects that we require your caterer to hold the Food for Life Catering Mark in order for you to achieve the food quality section of your award. Find out more here.

Cost of a three year subscription

one off payment: £780 (+ VAT)

or three annual payments: £260 (+ VAT)*

Schools with in-house catering

Where your school self-manages its catering service, employs its own team, created own menus, and manages the ordering process.

Two year subscription

The Awards Package for in-house schools provides additional telephone and online support to help you achieve the food quality section of your award which in externally catered schools is covered by the Food for Life Catering Mark.

Cost of a two year subscription

one off payment: £780 (+ VAT)

or two annual payments: £390 (+ VAT)*

*Annual payments have an additional administration charge of £10 per year.

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Confused by Catering?

Is our catering external with the Food for Life Catering Mark? (Awards package with Catering Mark)
If your local authority or a private catering company manage your kitchen or deliver hot meals to you, your catering is external. Your caterers must have the Food for Life Catering Mark for you to complete your award. If this is you, select 'Awards Package with Catering Mark' from the dropdown list.

Is our catering in house? (Awards Package with in-house catering)
If you self-manage your catering service, employ your own team, create your own menus, and manage the ordering process, your catering is in-house. Select 'Awards Package with in-house catering' from the drop down list.

Still not sure?
Ask your administrator / business manager or give one of our team a call on 0117 314 5180.