New Display for our Food For Life!

We have our new display up in the corridor. We used examples from the Eat Well guide, including recipes, portion sizes for different ages, suitable packed lunches and Top Tips Posters. 

The Eat Well guides were shared at the first training session and we cant get enough of them! It provides guidance that makes it look so easy and straight forward. I really like the portion sizes, to show parents the difference in size their portion should be from their child's.

The lunch box examples should come in handy just incase we have any children that come in with lunch boxes from September, but it's also a handy guide for picnics out and about.

Our food policy is clearly on the display, in a simple format for parents to be able to have a look through, whenever they are able to.

We then shared a photographic journey of the apples the children picked from our tree, washed and cut, and prepared to go into an apple crumble for that day's pudding. The children loved it as they had a part in the process. It gave them that sense of responsiblity and acomplishment. 

Another poster we have displayed here is our 'Where does food come from?' along with a clear seasonal poster of what crops grow in Britain in each season. It's a useful resource when talking to children about seasonal ingredients that can go in our cooking for soups and stews etc.

Finally we had to liven the display up with a colourful border. We discussed with the children, and they chose apples! (This was the same day that we had picked the apples hehehe, zero points for imagination!)

Lets hope the parents find it useful. I will be happy if even one parent comes back and says "ohh that's interesting, I will try that." Fingers crossed!



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