Brand Usage Policy

On occasion there may be some confusion about the use of the Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) or Soil Association Organic logos which results in a caterer misusing them.  More often than not it is a mistake that is easily cleared up.

In some instances we understand that the Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) logo is used in a fraudulent manner to win business through tenders and to reassure sites that FFLSH standards are being met when the caterer has never been through the process of inspection and award, the award has expired or has never covered that geographical area.

This process will set out the steps to be taken to promptly and effectively resolve these issues as they arise.

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There is a section on ‘Food for Life Served Here logo use’ within each handbook that clearly sets out how a caterer or site may use the FFLSH logos. This information is copied below for reference:


What constitutes misuse?

Misuse of the logo could include using the Soil Association Organic symbol incorrectly, using the incorrect logo for the level of FFLSH certification (e.g. a higher award than achieved - Bronze, Silver or Gold) or using the FFLSH/GKS logo for a contract / license that has expired or never held the certification.  This includes the FFLSH/ GKS logo on a website with no reference to which sites the certification covers.

Action in event of misuse

If it is discovered a caterer is using any logo inappropriately, this information should be directed to Food for Life here so appropriate action can be taken.

The caterer will be asked to remove or correct the logo they are using with a deadline to change within two weeks.

If after two weeks the caterer hasn’t actioned the request from Food for Life, a formal email will be sent, outlining the next actions to be taken if they don’t remove or correct the logo with a further two day warning to correct the error.

In the rare instance that the logo is not corrected or removed, Food for Life have the option to take legal action and / or inform Trading Standards who can investigate the breach of copyright and contract.

For any questions or to report a logo misuse, please contact the Food for Life team on

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"We urge all concerned parents to ask whether their school has the Food for Life badge, as this is the only independent verification of school meal standards and ingredient quality."Rob Percival (Head of Food Policy, Soil Association)

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