Food for Life Served Here

Are you looking for a fantastic way to promote the food you serve? Do you want to ensure your catering partner delivers on providing healthy and sustainable food?

With our Sustainable Catering Certification, you could add to the number of Food for Life Served Here meals daily, currently standing at over 2 million. More benefits include:

  • Demonstrating to your customers that you care about the food you serve by making a commitment to serve meals cooked from scratch, using sustainable fish, free range eggs and British meat that can be traced back to the farm.
  • Reassuring diners that your menus have been certified by the UK’s leading sustainable food charity.
  • Using more locally sourced and ethical ingredients that support your local economy and are better for health, nature and our climate. 

Meals served to Food for Life Served Here standards positively impact:

  • Customers
  • Kitchen teams 
  • Local economy

Learn more about Food for Life's  impact, read our latest report.

Standards for bronze award holders

Ingredients    Tractor Good Practice   Carrot Customer Care    Platter
- All eggs are free range
- No genetically modified ingredients
- No undesirable additives or trans fats
- Animal welfare standards are met
- No endangered fish
- Minimum 75% dishes are freshly prepared
- Training is provided for staff
- Free drinking water is available
- Nutritional standards for sector are met
- Menus meet dietary and cultural needs of customers
- Positive marketing about where ingredients have come from
- Seasonal ingredients are used and highlighted 

Standards for silver and gold award holders

Ingredients    Tomato  Good Practice   Thumbs Up Customer Care   Lamb
Caterers are awarded points for sourcing higher welfare, ethically produced ingredients, such as Free Range, organic, MSC, Fairtrade, Leaf marque and RSPCA assured Caterers are awarded points for sourcing local produce, produce from the local region and from the UK Caterers are awarded points for taking steps to make healthy eating easier for customers, such as by reducing salt and sugar, introducing pulses and vegetables to menus and using wholegrain ingredients.

Are you proud of the food you serve? Get your Food for Life Served Here award.

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"We wanted to gain recognition for the fantastic food service we have and support local sustainability. Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here had kudos!"Horder Healthcare (Head of Corporate Support Services)