Early Years

Feeding developing minds

Food for Life Served Here offers nurseries a clear framework of food standards to work towards and award for improving the quality of food served to young children.

There are already 300 nurseries across the UK that are serving meals to Food for Life Served Here standards, with this number growing each day. Making an application for the award is incredibly straightforward and where a site is far from meeting our standards, we can offer support to help meet them.

Lamb  Benefits of Food for Life Served Here

Some of the benefits to parents, children and the business

  • Demonstrating a dedication to good food with an accreditation from the UK's leading food and farming charity.
  • Holding a Food for Life Served Here award can reassure parents that a caterer really cares about what their children eat. All children should have access to fresh, sustainable food that meets nutritional guidelines, free from additives and transfats when they are at nursery.
  • Help improve the nation’s health and support the environment for the future.
  • A healthy food culture in schools has been shown to improve children's concentration and behaviour. Getting into good eating habits when they’re young gives children a great start in life. Why not offer them this opportunity?
  • Keep control of cost. Many caterers report that improving quality doesn’t necessarily increase costs. Making more food from scratch and buying from Food for Life Supplier Scheme members can actually save money.

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83% of respondents value an independent accreditation of food quality for their Early Years setting

"We expected parents to welcome the new menus ... but have been surprised by the number of letters praising the move"Mark Bird (Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Childbase Partnership)