Good Food for Under 5's

Current National Guidance

In 2011 an Advisory Panel on Food and Nutrition in Early Years, led by the Department for Education, produced a report called Laying the Table. The report highlighted the importance of making food and drink provision a statutory component of the DfE’s Early Years Strategy. The Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines For Early Years Settings In England were developed following the recommendations in Laying the Table and now all early years settings are encouraged to comply with these guidelines.

Previous Soil Association work on food and early years:
Better Nursery Food Now: What we need and why we need it (March 2010)
An update on changes in the nursery sector since the publication of 'Georgie Porgie' in 2008, this briefing contains new case studies of good and bad food practice in nurseries as well as the results of our survey of 1,000 parents in February 2010.

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie: Exposing the truth about nursery food (October 2008) 
This investigation into the quality of food fed to young children attending nurseries in the UK revealed widespread variability in the quality of food served to nursery age children in England.