Food for Life Served Here COVID-19 FAQs

We normally serve schools with a Food for Life Served Here menu but we’re not able currently able to serve meals from these approved menus, is that okay?

We appreciate that schools that are currently open are working in unusual circumstances and doing everything they can to provide healthy lunch for the children in their care.  However, we understand that restrictions on supply chains and staff may mean that the usual Food for Life Served Here menus are not possible at the moment. 

If you are continuing to provide meals to children during this time, you have our heartiest congratulations and thanks.

Serving a non-FFLSH menu at this time will not affect your award, we just ask that you do not use the FFLSH symbol or make reference to the scheme in conjunction with the meals. 


Can I get a refund or put my licence on hold if we are not operating a standard food service, or not operating at all?

Your invoice covers a 12-month licence period and it’s usual for caterers to have periods during the standard year when they’re not serving Food for Life Served Here menus, such as during Easter and Christmas holidays.

We are unable to offer refunds due to COVID-19, however, we understand that the current COVID-19 situation is causing a significant amount of disruption to businesses.  If any of this disruption has had a significant effect on your business that will make payment of your annual fee problematic, please do contact us to discuss what we can do to help. 


We’re not operating a FFLSH menu at the moment – why should we be inspected?

When we carry out a Food for Life Served Here renewal inspection, we review both the current menu and documentation over a period during the last 12 months. Whilst sites are closed or restrictions are in place due to COVID-19, we are offering the option of a remotely conducted inspection instead.  This will allow us to review your operations against FFLSH standards in a safe way, without a site visit, whilst ensuring that the annual review of your FFLSH award is carried out.



I can’t accommodate a remote inspection – can I restart my award at a later date/will this affect my award? 

 If you are due a FFLSH inspection during this period of restrictions due to COVID-19, we are offering the option of a remote inspection instead of your usual on-site inspection.

Whilst we anticipate that some caterers will be able to participate in a remote inspection, we do understand that all businesses are operating under very difficult circumstances right now and if you are not able to accommodate a remote inspection, we understand.

If this is the case, you may defer your inspection until such time that you can accommodate a remote inspection or when restrictions are lifted and we are able to inspect in person.

Please do contact us at catering@foodforlife.org.uk to discuss in more detail.  

If you’re unable to facilitate a remote renewal inspection during this restricted period and your licence is due to expire, we can issue you with a temporary certificate to ensure there is no break in your award. Once circumstances enable us to, we’ll schedule your usual on-site renewal inspection with you.  Once that inspection is successfully completed, we’ll issue you with a further certificate for the remaining months of the next twelve-month period not covered by the temporary certificate.

We will not be terminating or placing licenses on hold if you’re unable to accommodate a remote inspection. As usual, we reserve the right to suspend a licence should we have any concerns.


We’re concerned that we haven’t served a Served Here meal in weeks, can you offer any help or advice?

We are aware that due to staff shortages and supply chain issues that the possibility of running a Food for Life Served Here menu right now is not feasible.  These are very unusual circumstances and we understand you’re doing your best with what is currently available.

If you are experiencing any supply chain issues we may be able to help via our FFL Suppliers Scheme so please do let us know anything we can specifically help with.

If you are still managing to serve Food For Life Served Here meals we would love to hear from you – please send us pictures and details. We’re keen to share your positive work wider via our website and social media channels.

Do follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SAfoodforlife and join our Food for Life Cooks & Caterers Covid-19 Facebook Group – a safe and collaborative space for cooks and caterers to support each other in these challenging times.


Food for Life Served Here

"Working towards a standard (such as the Food for Life Served Here Award) can enhance a company's reputation, act as a point of differentiation, reduce costs and help a business think through current and future risks"Catering for Sustainability - WWF Sodexo, 2016