Promoting wellbeing through food innovation in health-care

The food served to patients plays an integral part in their care, meeting the Food for Life Served Here standards helps a hospital be as healthy as it can be. Food for Life Served Here is a robust framework and inspected award that ensures staff, visitor and patient food is ethical, sustainable and fresh, free from nasty additives and transfats and meets nutritional guidelines. Over 40,000 meals are served to Food for Life Served Here standards in hospitals and care settings every day.

Thumbs Up  Benefits to Patients, Staff and Visitors
  • As an independent endorsement of food quality, the Food for Life Served Here award is a clear signal to patients, visitors and staff about a commitment to the quality of food on offer
  • A social return of investment of over £3 for every £1 spent, mostly in the form of increased jobs and opportunities for local food producers
  • Boosted staff wellbeing through serving more fresh food and making healthy eating easier
  • Reduced absenteeism, employees who are in good health are less likely to need time off work
  • Increased productivity, employees who are in good health are likely to be more productive 

Tractor  Benefits to Hospital Caterers

  • Shows a caterers support making hospitals healthy places
  • Food for Life Served Here can help grow sales. Offering staff and visitors more choices that are healthier, ethical and sustainable food can generate additional revenue for restaurant or cafe
  • Meet the Government Buying Standards
  • Take the lead in staff development opportunities around training on cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients, which can be used as a tool to improve morale and retention of staff

"Our Silver Food for Life Served Here award provides reassurance to patients that meals are of the highest quality and provenance."Simon Wood (North Bristol NHS Trust)

"Patient satisfaction jumped to 92% just two months after the new menus were introduced."Andreas Wingert (Circle Hinchingbrooke Hospital)