Hospital Caterers – Apply today

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You can begin your Food for Life Served Here journey by completing this online application.

Getting started

Not sure whether Bronze, Silver or Gold award is right for you? Read the Food for Life Served Here handbook. This will tell you which of our standards you’re already meeting and what changes you need to make to achieve the others.

How to Enrol

  • You’ll need to fill out this online form along with your fee payment. Your license fee is determined by the sector that you work in. Please refer to the relevant fee sheet for NHS hospitals and non-NHS hosptials or contact us to confirm your Food for Life Served Here fee.
  • If you are able to supply everything we need to get started, the whole process from application to receiving your Food for Life Served Here award should only take between 8-12 weeks.
  • Once we’ve received your application form, your dedicated Certification Officer will get in touch. You’ll be shown how to provide all of the information we need to gain your Food for Life Served Here award.
  • When you’ve shown that you meet the standards, we’ll arrange an on-site inspection so we can see how you’re putting them into practice.

Preparing for your inspection
Your Certification Officer will let you know what you need to do to prepare for your inspection, so that on the day there should be no unexpected hitches.
Information required at Food for Life Served Here Award inspection

After the inspection
The inspection will highlight any changes you need to make to meet the standards required for Food for Life Served Here. We’ll support you to make those changes. When they’re done, and you have provided us with evidence of the changes, you’ll receive your award.

Marketing your award
Once you have achieved your award, showcase it to your customers. Our team will send some free resources to help market your award. We also have a range of marketing support to offer, including bespoke campaign support. Enquire now.

Supporting You

Dedicated Certification Officer: Your Certification Officer guides you through the process. He or she helps with everything from filling in the form to preparing for inspection. They are there to support you as you progress from the Bronze through to the Gold award. Meet the team here, and find out who to contact in your area.

Development Manager: Your local development manager is there to help and be your main point of contact throughout.

Additional Support: Think you need some help achieving the award? We have a team of experts here to help, with support packages starting from £350. A full support package takes you from introducing your team to the award to marketing it to your customers and stake holders once you have achieved.