Elior at We The Curious

We The Curious is a science centre run by an educational charity that promote curiosity and learning, fostering their roots in sustainability and community engagement. 

Elior are a multinational catering company with a strong ethos toward environmental and sustainable corporate responsibility. Elior work alongside We The Curious to deliver fresh and Healthy food, which is local and organic wherever possible in the café and for any events held on site. Helen Cox is General Manager for Elior at We The Curious, here's what she says about their Food for Life Served Here award.

Key Facts

  • 50-300 freshly prepared meals served daily
  • On site cafe and seated dinners in the evening
  • Award level achieved: Silver in 2013, Gold in 2016
  • Top tip: Make use of the FFLSH team, their advice is invaluable
  • Favourite meal: Homemade soup

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Tell us about your role
I tend to be office based but can be found in the kitchen or in the café throughout the day. I’m really lucky that I’m surrounded by a great team who support me and the business and are enthusiastic about what we do here. 

What was the original motivation for making a Food for Life Served Here application?
We are proud to have our Gold Award. It shows that our customers can buy healthy and sustainable foods at a reasonable price that are great to eat too. People who eat out are becoming more aware of their choices and like to understand where their food has come from. This award gives people confidence in the product we supply. It also shows our own staff the dedication we have towards a more sustainable business and in turn they become more confident when promoting our business.

What changes did you have to make to meet the Food for Life Served Here standards?
We had to happily change our buying patterns to include higher welfare meat. We already were using some great products but had to work alongside our purchasing team at Elior to make sure that we were able to buy what exactly we wanted to help fill the brief. 
Are you using new suppliers to help you meet Food for Life Served Here standards? 
Elior already had a host of great suppliers that could meet the standards, we just had to work alongside them and ask them to list new products when required. The great part of working for such a large company is the flexibility it gives us when it comes to buying.

"People who eat out are becoming more aware of their choices and like to understand where their food has come from.." 

Helen Cox, General Manager, Elior at We The Curious

What impact has been awarded a Food for Life Served Here Award had on your organisation?
Amy, our head chef, has had to rewrite our event dinner menus but this has had a positive impact on our sales and customer confidence. We feel the quality of the food is so much better and it shows in the repeat custom or customers we now receive. The cost of the food is more expensive but we feel it’s worth it for the items we are producing. 

Have there been any unexpected benefits?
Our menu has become more plant based and we feel we are providing healthier options for our customers.

What’s the most popular meal you serve?
Our homemade soup is really popular in the cafe. It’s made fresh on site and varies day to day depending on the season and what we have available, preventing food waste. Customers can help themselves to extra toppings and our local bakery provides the bread each day. 

Top tip
Make use of the Food for Life Served Here team! I’ve found their advice invaluable. They are really easy to get hold of and are always happy to answer queries.

To find out more about the standards Elior have achieved at We The Curious, the process for application and to book an appointment with your local Food for Life Served Here development manager or contact us at catering@soilassociation.org

"The award criteria fit perfectly with the Partnership’s ambition to become Britain’s Healthiest Workplace by 2025."Daniel Blackburn (Head Chef, John Lewis)