Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Sheffield Teaching Hospital are empowering staff to implement sustainability practises for patients and the workplace as part of their Green Kitchen Standard award
Having achieved the Green Kitchen Standard as part of the Green Kitchen Standard Pilot early in 2017, Sheffield Teaching Hospital are putting into practise better measures to promote sustainability and environmentally conscious practises. They have an in-house catering service that employs around 235 staff, providing meals across 6 sites: Northern General, Royal Hallamshire, Jessop Wing, Weston Park Hospital, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital and Beech Hill Intermediate Care Hospital.

The ‘cook chill’ central food production unit at Northern General is the main hub for production and employs 96 staff, preparing and delivering around 40,000 meals a week to all sites. Sheffield Teaching Hospital also have a Food for Life Served Here Bronze Award. 

Sheffield Teaching Hospital Team“We recognise the environmental challenges within our industry, and as a forward-thinking organisation, we are continually working to achieve best practices in all that we do, including supporting the NHS carbon reduction strategy. Applying for the Green Kitchen Standard has helped reinforce the importance of sustainability within our organisation, providing a focus and structure to our energy management, recycling and food waste prevention.”

Emma Wilson, Head of Catering at Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Changes We Have Made
“In order to meet the Green Kitchen Standard, we have consulted with our suppliers, which has lead to a positive outcome, for example: our vegetable supplier is now collecting its cardboard boxes for recycling and reusing some containers, such as mushroom containers.”
The hospital are working closely with our suppliers to consider consolidating pack sizes to reduce the amount of packaging required.
All hospital suppliers have now submitted their sustainability policies.
“In terms of energy, the hospital have installed energy efficiency lights throughout the central food production unit and promote a ‘switch off’ policy.
Within existing departmental waste minimisation programme, the hospital has increased the auditing process and are making changes based on results. Sheffield Hospital inform staff and empower sustainability champions to identify areas where action can be taken to reduce waste and take forward those actions to make a difference. 

Additionally, as opportunities arise, the hospital reviews effective use of equipment, and when purchasing new equipment, ensure that energy efficiency/whole life costs are fully considered as part of the ‘value for money’ case. 

Benefits to Others
Gaining accreditation for the Green Kitchen Standard energised our staff to take greater personal ownership of sustainable issues. We have managed to pull together helpful documents and progressive learning from undertaking the accreditation.

Sustainability champions which have empowered staff to become involved in energy, water, waste reduction/recycling. Sheffield hospital are increasing their monitoring procedures to be able to calculate energy usage figures and identify ways to increase recycling.

The hospital have also embedded sustainable issues as agenda items at meetings and are going paperless wherever possible.

"The Green Kitchen Standard is not only good for our business, as it will save us money on energy, waste, water; it also benefits the environment"Emma Wilson (Head of Catering at Sheffield Teaching Hospital)

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