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Food and Mental Health and Wellbeing

Child holding homegrown tomatoes

Food for Life (FFL) are delighted to be embarking on a new project funded by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, that helps support schools to approach the topic of mental health and wellbeing through food at school.

During the summer term, the service design project will see FFL lead an insight gathering exercise with schools, learning from the pupils, chefs, teachers and school nurses about their understanding of the topic. 

Then, whilst everyone is enjoying some rest and recuperation in summer holidays, the FFL team will be developing resources and tools to help schools to deliver activities around food that support mental health and wellbeing, ready for the schools to test and feedback in the autumn. There are three schools participating in the project.

Food as a route

“Mental health is an important topic to us at Stokes Wood Primary School, so we are really excited to be taking part in the project. Using food as a route for the promotion of good health and wellbeing is a topic that everyone can get onboard with and we hope that our work will instigate significant change far beyond our school gate”

Daniel Brown, Assistant Head at Stokes Wood Primary School.

Benefits of Food Activity

“We are delighted to partner with Food for Life on this project and promote the benefits that food activity and eating a balanced diet can have to mental health and wellbeing. The combination of Food for Life’s deep understanding of schools’ needs and Alaska Seafood’s sustainability and nutritional credentials will help to develop resources that will be truly useful to teachers, caterers and students.”

Rebecca Wilson, Trade Director Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

For more information on the project or to get involved, please contact Charlotte Long at clong@soilassociation.org