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Kidzgrove Shows the Way to a Healthy Nursery Food Culture

We’re delighted to celebrate Kidzgrove Daycare in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, who have achieved a Food for Life Early Years Award!

The Food for Life Early Years award evidences best practice in the quality, nutrition and sourcing of food; the provision of food education; food leadership and engagement with communities and partnerships around food.

Andy White, who commissions Food for Life to work with nurseries in Nottinghamshire as part of their LGA-funded Childhood Obesity Trailblazer project, visited the nursery to present the award and was bowled over with their work:

“Hearing from the staff directly about the impact the Food for Life award has had on the quality of the home and community food environment is inspiring. Not just within the setting but also with the parents. Thanks to their work through the Food for Life award, the manager and chef are so enthusiastic about food and food education – it’s infectious”

Some of the positive changes that the nursery has made to embed a good food culture at the nursery include:

  • The chef involving children in preparing vegetables for their midday meal, making them more open to eating them as a part of their balanced meal
  • Incorporating more lentils and chickpeas into their menus to ensure all children get more plant-based proteins in their diet
  • Building in time for growing fruit and veg and inspiring parents to do the same at home
Fundamental to the Food for Life approach is celebrating the role of the cook or catering team, and bringing them to the heart of a nursery or school’s life. This approach is epitomised by Kidzgrove who told us that:

“(Our cook) is a fantastic team member, they often consult with staff about what meals the children are enjoying or how we can improve the ones that they aren't. They also encourage the staff to start growing fruit and veg! Most importantly, the cook also speaks to the children about where the food has come from and is there to answer any of the questions the children have.”

Here’s to Kidzgrove, who are providing a brilliant foundation for the children in their care!


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