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Skills from the past

This week was the garlic harvest in Anne Merry's garden. Our Food for Life Get Together's Regional Engagement Officer, tells us about the skills from the past she has used to store her bounty.

Garlic basketWe all hit a wall again last week, I think the nearer we get to our potential annual holiday, the more anxious we become that it won’t happen or that we should just stay at home anyway. New local lockdown measures at the end of the week panicked us further.  My brain seemed to be working on overdrive and I desperately needed to direct that energy elsewhere.  It was, therefore, a happy coincidence that the garlic harvest needed its final preparation before storing.  Having been drying for a couple of weeks it was ready to be sorted and packed away (the kids where happy they could reclaim the ‘drying rack’ as their climbing frame!).  I had also set myself the challenge of creating garlic plaits from those with pliable enough stems.  What a joyous task that turned out to be! There was something so therapeutic about the rhythm of plaiting it and watching it turn into a beautiful creation.  In all I managed to create five garlic plaits, most will be given as gifts and a couple will be for us to keep too.  There were also enough of those that couldn’t be plaited to fill a basket, so we should be fine for garlic until next year!

Lavender WandHaving plaited the garlic, I then fancied another weaving task.  I had recently seen a post about lavender wands – an old skill of weaving lavender and ribbon for it then to be used to scent drawers and keep moths away, or to simply be placed under the pillow for a good night’s sleep.  They looked so beautiful that I decided to have a go.  At first I wished I hadn’t as they were so fiddly to do.  But after quite a bit of perseverance I managed to produce something that looked quite nice, smelt divine and was actually a lot of fun to make.  I am now desperately seeking out more lavender as I think they would make really lovely gifts and they will also bring me peace as I make them.

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