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Too Good To Go: Easy Recipeasy Children’s Challenge

The team at Too Good To go told us about their #EasyRecipeasy Children's challenge:

Too Good To Go logoHere at Too Good To Go, we’re passionate about getting young minds engaged with the food waste movement. That’s why these summer holidays, we’re inviting all UK children to get involved in something exciting: the #EasyRecipeasy Children’s Challenge.

What is the #EasyRecipeasy Children’s Challenge?

We’re encouraging all primary school children to write and design their own recipe card. Their recipe must use one of the UK’s top-wasted foods:

●     Bread 20 million slices wasted daily

●     Potatoes 4.4 million are wasted daily

●     Milk 3.1 million glasses wasted daily

●     Eggs 2 million eggs wasted daily

●     Bananas 0.9 million wasted daily

Along the way, celebrity chefs and influencers will be rustling up recipes themselves as inspiration, which you can find over at the toogoodtogo.uk Instagram account. Children’s recipe cards will be marked on creativity of the design, resourcefulness of the recipe, and knowledge.

What must the recipe card include?

The only thing the recipe card must include is - you guessed it - a written recipe. Which additional elements the child decides to use to make their entry stand out is up to them. As an idea, these could include:

●     A photo or illustration of the finished product

●     A written introduction

●     Photos or illustrations of the steps involved

●     Interesting use of typography

How do you enter, and when do entries close?

Entries must be as an image/PDF attachment to easyrecipeasy@toogoodtogo.co.uk by 11.59pm on 18 September 2020.

Your email must include the following information:

●     Child’s full name

●     Child’s school

●     School’s address

●     Child’s age

●     Image/PDF attachment of the recipe card

Together, we can change food consumption behaviours, and show children that fighting food waste can be fun too.


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