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Healthy, hot meals from Washingborough Academy's 'community kitchen'

During lockdown, schools and caterers are having to meet a whole host of challenges. We have been inspired by the positive stories where schools and their kitchens are adapting the way they work to strengthen community relationships whilst serving good food to those who need it most.

Washingborough Academy, a Food for Life Gold school in Lincoln, has been supporting the vulnerable in their community by providing healthy, hot meals to the over 70s during the Covid-19 crisis. So far, they have been delivering around 60 meals a week.

The school is committed to transforming food culture and the meals are cooked in the school’s award-winning kitchen to FFLSH Gold standards*. The meals are delivered in takeaway trays by volunteer parents who leave them at the door.  The meals have been healthy and delicious, including a roast beef lunch with apple crumble to go for St. George’s Day!

One recipient is 87-year-old Harold Harvey who first attended the school himself back in 1937.

“It’s a fantastic thing the school are doing for the older residents like me,” said Harold.

“I’m really proud that my old school has stepped up and helped those in need. The meals have been a real life-line.”

Jason said his staff and parents wanted to help during the crisis – and utilising their excellent kitchen as a community kitchen seemed the best option.

“We take great pride in the healthy food we provide for our children and we wanted to do something to help our community, so providing nutritional meals for those most vulnerable seemed a perfect solution,” he said.

“The idea stemmed from the school’s FFL Get Togethers events held every month before lockdown, when older community members were coming in to share a meal with the school children once a month.

“I’m delighted that staff and parents have joined together to help our local neighbourhoods and it goes to show what a united, committed and caring school community we have here in Washingborough.”

Their work has not gone unnoticed, and the school was featured on the BBC Food Programme that focused on stories of community support through food.


*The Gold Food for Life Served Here standards work on a flexible points system, which rewards every penny spent on ethical, environmentally friendly and local ingredients, and recognises steps to offer healthier menus.

At the Gold standard level, at least 15% of ingredients are organic, a significant proportion of the ingredients caterers use must be from the UK or produced locally, and further steps are taken to make healthy eating easier.


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