First private nursery in the South West to achieve the Food for Life Early Years Award

First private nursery in the South West to achieve the Food for Life Early Years Award

We are delighted to announce that Tiggers @ Tetbury have become the first private nursery in the South West to achieve the Food for Life Early Years Award.

Tiggers first came to our attention a few months ago when one of their happy parents told our Food for Life Awards Programme Manager about the exciting things his daughter had been getting up to at their nursery with regards to food. “She eats better at nursery than we do at home” he commented - and we couldn’t help but investigate further, and with an onsite farm hosting chickens, rabbits, and even ponies we were really interested in what they were doing.

Sian Creagh-Osborne, our Awards Programme Manager visited the nursery and was wowed by the site, staff and the children’s involvement with food. “Children across the different ages were helping to prepare their owns snacks, and every room has displays about different aspects of healthy eating and food”

Tiggers @ Tetbury’s award application has been of an exceptional standard throughout. They received praise from across our assessing team as it was clear they were addressing every criteria seriously and really making changes where they needed to. 

Empowering children to be heard is a fundamental Food for Life principle and Tiggers decided to include a ‘voice of the child’ section on their new Food for Life display board to show children’s views on their food encounters. They have also started surveying parents about menus. 

The site at Tiggers is purpose built and each age group have their own space to explore food. The pre-school have their very own 'Herb Corner' where they have been growing and tending to different herbs. This includes; sage, mint, rosemary, thyme and chives. We also absolutely love that the children have grown various cress seeds and have even been comparing growing cress in the sunlight and in the dark to see what happens! Never too young to learn about the importance of light in our food systems!

Sian Creagh-Osborne says:

"You can really see how this setting has embedded the Food for Life Early Years Award criteria into what they were already doing with regards to healthy eating. It has been a pleasure seeing what they have been getting up to and following them forging new links with local farms and businesses and starting to think about different local suppliers they could be using. The Tiggers team are really deserving Food for Life Award holders, who clearly put children’s health and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do. They understand the importance of starting children out on a positive food journey that will hopefully continue long into the future – well done to all the whole team at Tiggers!”

If you are an Early Years setting interested in the Food for Life Early Years Award. Go to to sign up or contact us for more information.

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